www.cappuccino,org gone?

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www.cappuccino,org gone? Rosch 7/5/12 4:56 AM

Just wanted to access www.cappuccino.org. But the page is gone.
Google DNS (and any other DNS I tried) responsed when querying for it
with domain not found...

Expired ?

cappuccino-project.org is still alive.

Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? Rosch 7/5/12 5:15 AM
There is a typo in the subject...

I meant dot not comma before the org.
But non the less the domain (with dots) is gone.

This is especially bad as it contains the live released docu for the classes and the working download links. On cappuccino-project.org all this is missing/broken.

When searching for eg. CPString Google returns links to the class docu pointing to cappuccino.org.

All this gives now the experience that Cappuccino is a rather dead project...

Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? EungShik Kim 7/5/12 5:18 AM
Cappuccino.org really dead...!

What happen now?

2012년 7월 5일 목요일 오후 9시 15분 18초 UTC+9, Rosch 님의 말:
Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? Rosch 7/5/12 5:56 AM
The domain appears to belong to Motorola.
There was an update on the registry 3 days ago.
(see http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/registry-data.jsp?domain=cappuccino.org)
But I can't see what has changed.

www.cappuccino.org can still be accessed by its IP:

The "good" new is that it has not really expired and cannot be bought by someone else.

Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? Aparajita Fishman 7/5/12 7:12 AM
The host record seems to have been removed. We're looking into it.
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Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? Ross 7/5/12 1:29 PM
The site should be back up, it may take some time for DNS to propagate to your corner of the Internet.
Re: www.cappuccino,org gone? Rosch 7/6/12 12:22 AM

On Thursday, July 5, 2012 10:29:27 PM UTC+2, Ross wrote:
The site should be back up, it may take some time for DNS to propagate to your corner of the Internet.

Puh... Good news. I see it is working again. Thanks.

BTW: What is the current plan on cappuccino.org vs cappuccino-project.org?
Both webpages are somewhat in stasis....