Objectify 4.1 released

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Objectify 4.1 released Jeff Schnitzer 3/28/14 11:30 AM
Since it sounds like GAE SDK 1.9.1 is having problems with the GWT
java sources in the objectify jar, I've promoted 4.1 a little early.
I'm confident in it.

This includes the new storage format. Please enable it - instructions
(and a big warning) are in the release notes:


I highly, highly recommend that when you enable this flag, you do it
as a single-change push. Don't pile in a bunch of other changes in
your own code that you might need to revert. When you turn on this

Of course, if you don't use @Embed, it doesn't matter at all.

Re: Objectify 4.1 released Gabriel Axel 3/29/14 3:05 PM

I upgraded to 4.1, set the new saving/loading mechanism, and got a problem with embedded maps - I had a map of String -> embedded entity annotated with @EmbedMap which was persisted with the <fieldname><dot><key> notation with 4.0, and with 4.1 the entire map is persisted into a single field (no <dot><key>), and it fails to load - when the field is annotated with @EmbedMap the exception message is "At path 'fieldname': Expected map structure but found: <the map as seen in the datastore viewer>" , and without @EmbedMap the message is similar but with "Expected property...".

It's not clear from the documentation whether maps should continue to act as in 4.0 with the <dot><key> notation, or as in 4.1 in a single field. What is is the direction for maps? Are maps supported in the new mechanism?

Re: Objectify 4.1 released Jeff Schnitzer 3/30/14 7:04 PM
This should work. Can you clarify exactly what your field declaration
looks like?

Here are the tests related to @EmbedMap:


The tests are run both with the new format flag enabled and without and pass.

Re-reading your msg, are you saying that you have a field like this?

Map<String, EmbeddedEntity> foo;

It's possible that my format auto-detection code is misguessing that -
I'll create some tests around it. I considered the normal case of
EmbeddedEntity occurring naturally (and there are tests around that)
but those tests don't extend to EmbeddedEntity as the target of

Re: Objectify 4.1 released Jeff Schnitzer 3/31/14 10:23 AM
I found the issue and released 4.1.1. It is propagating through maven
central now.

The auto-detection code was getting confused by too many
EmbeddedEntities. Sorry about that. I hope this didn't damage any
production data :(

Re: Objectify 4.1 released Gabriel Axel 4/1/14 11:15 PM
Great. Thanks.

Everything is still in development, no harm done.