ANN: (Book) Semantic Digital Libraries - Improving Usability of Information Discovery with Semantic and Social Services

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ANN: (Book) Semantic Digital Libraries - Improving Usability of Information Discovery with Semantic and Social Services skruk 2/12/10 5:30 AM
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Dear all,

I am happy to announce my new book on Semantic Digital Libraries:
Improving Usability of Information Discovery with Semantic and Social

I review architectures, abstract models, metadata standards and
various technologies for building digital library management systems.
I derive requirements for advanced digital libraries and propose an
architecture model and a set of ontologies for semantic digital

In over 500 pages, this book presents information discovery services
using the semantic and social technologies, and the prototype
implementation of a semantic digital library that answers these
requirements. The claim presented in this book is that the semantic
and social technologies applied a digital library management system
delivers more efficient information discovery solutions, while the
library users become more satisfied and can remember more information
from what they have learned when using the library. This book presents
the essence of my research on the Semantic Digital Libraries in years

The book is available for purchase through as hardcover,
paperback and ebook (PDF and ePUB) To learn more about the book,
please visit

** Starting today through Feb, 16th prices on all versions (hardcover,
paperback and ebook) has been reduced by 10 to 20% **

Best regards,

Sebastian Kruk, PhD

Here is the outline of this book:

I Prelude
1. Introduction

II Background
2. State of the Art - Digital Libraries
2.1 Abstract Models of Digital Libraries
2.2 Metadata Standards Supporting Semantics
2.3 Architecture Solutions for Digital Library Management Systems
2.4 Social Technologies for Digital Libraries
2.5 Advanced Digital Libraries Management Systems
2.6 Beyond Current Digital Libraries

3. The Architecture of a Semantic DLMS
3.1 Requirements for the Semantic Digital Library Architecture
3.2 Semantic Digital Library Architecture
3.3 Summary

III Core
4. Ontologies for SemDL
4.1 Objectives for Ontologies in Semantic Digital Libraries
4.2 Structure Ontologies
4.3 Bibliographic Ontologies
4.4 Community Ontologies
4.5 Rights Management Ontology
4.6 Example Use of Different Ontologies
4.7 Use Case: Medical Semantic Digital Library
4.8 Summary

5. Collaborative Faceted Navigation
5.1 Existing Faceted Navigation Solutions
5.2 Building Accessible Faceted Navigation
5.3 Usability Aspects in the MultiBeeBrowse Prototype
5.4 MultiBeeBrowse REST API for Faceted Navigation
5.5 Evaluation
5.6 Related Work
5.7 Summary

6. Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.1 Collaborative Filtering Techniques
6.2 Motivation for Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.3 The Benefits of Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.4 Models of Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.5 Evaluation of Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.6 Extensions to Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering
6.7 Summary

7. JeromeDL
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Instantiation of Semantic Digital Library Architecture
7.3 Services Implemented in JeromeDL
7.4 Summary

IV Evaluation
8. Evaluation of Semantic Digital Libraries
8.1 State of the Art on Evaluation of Digital Libraries
8.2 Evaluation Setup
8.3 Evaluation Apparatus
8.4 Evaluation Scenario
8.5 Evaluation Site and Participants
8.6 Evaluation Results
8.7 Discussion of Questionnaire Results
8.8 Memory Evaluation Results
8.9 Answering the Questions for the Evaluation
8.10 Summary

V Conclusions
9. Summary and Future Work
9.1 Contributions
9.2 Hypothesis
9.3 Future Work


Appendix (not present in the Lite version of this book)

A. Scores Assigned During the Evaluation
B. Notations Used in Figures
C. JeromeDL Tutorial Videos
D. Additional and Detailed Evaluation Results
E. Evaluation Questionnaires
F. JeromeDL Ontology
G. MarcOnt Ontology
H. FOAFRealm Ontology
I. SSCF Ontology
J. Tagging Ontology
K. EAC Ontology

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--   WWW:
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