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Official supported Postgresql versions Francisco Figueiredo Jr. 6/21/14 7:28 PM
Hi, all!

I remember we had this conversation before but I'd like to hear again
from you about our situation of supported Postgresql versions.

Last time we talked about the idea of going side by side with
supported Postgresql versions. Which means we would support the
Postgresql version the Postgresql team is currently supporting.

Then, according to this page:
supported Postgresql versions are 8.4 and up with 8.4 ending its
support in next month.

If this is ok, I think we should change our project page to explain that.

== What about earlier postgresql versions?

Earlier versions of Npgsql will be able to be used on those previous
versions, although I received a report from Daniel Young who is having
problems connecting to a 7.2 postgresql version because Npgsql is now
using set statement_timeout which doesn't seem to be supported by 7.2

This commit added it:

So, only versions of Npgsql prior december 2013 will be able to be
used. This leaves us with 2.1 beta1 and

What do you think?


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
Npgsql Lead Developer
Re: Official supported Postgresql versions Shay Rojansky 6/22/14 12:22 AM
Makes perfect sense to me. Supporting very old Postgres backends adds significant effort to the project, it's very logical for us to support the backends that Postgres themselves support...

8.4 will probably continue to work for a while, but we should stop running regression tests on it and accept bug reports...