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[Fwd: The Plan] Brendan Eich 9/24/99 12:00 AM
Here's the deal (apologies for duplicate messages):

What: a browser with daily-use features and kick-ass, all-around impressively smooth, below the 100ms delay tolerance threshold performance.

When: Mozilla beta-milestone 12/15.  Netscape beta later, first things first.

How: track bug-sized chunks of work assigned to top people("porkjockeys" -- blame jevering for this name, it's sticking -- it's better than SWAT team, methinks)  for all facets of our core problems: space and time performance, core browser/infrastructure usability and completeness bugs.

I tag porkjockeys to do new work.  When I do, I'll let their managers know (see cc: list above).  I won't do it casually.  If you're tagged, you put aside other work for later; if you think there's a higher priority than what I've got, let me know right away.

Redundancy: let your manager know you've been tagged too, in case I goof up and don't.

Anti-redundancy: talk to peers via porkj...@mozilla.org (subscribe yourself via a "subscribe" message to porkjocke...@mozilla.org), the bug system, and newsgroup announcements, so as to minimize duplication of effort (we have folks outside the building who may be working on some of these bugs too).  It doesn't take much time to state your intentions to the Mozilla community, and if someone else fixes the bug for you, so much the better.

If you need help, let me know who and/or with what, and we'll tag more people.

All bugs to fix for dogfood linked off of 14468.  This dependency tree is a work in progress, it'll get better, but it will also be revised as often as needed to match reality.  Mail me and chofmann if you see something in it that should not be, or if you have a bug you think should be in it.

Separate issue: we need higher code quality across the board, as the tree re-opens for the 12/15 milestone.  Ideas germinating about a more scalable but still more stringent peer-review checkin approval process, see bug 14791 and add to it.  You porkjockeys will be taxed to code-review others' changes.  It's worth it.

4pm pit meetings every day to check status and (re-)divide labor.  Starting today!  We'll go over status, scope out problems, and make sure no one is stuck or serializing too much.  You tell me what's wrong (and what's right) as much as I tell anyone what's what.  We need these meetings to be fast and efficient, so we should not get stuck on details: delegate.

We should not argue about porkjockey priorities vs. non-porkjockey priorities at the 4pm meetings.  Mail me, per above, if you or your manager really believe you have higher priorities.

Fresh tactics: to get the problems we face fixed, we need to pull these people now for high-priority work:

  Space team: warren, beard, vidur, br...@cybersight.com
  Time team: waterson, troy, sfraser, bliz...@redhat.com
  Cache: fur, w/ some help from davidmc, mscott
  Paint bugs: pavlov, pinkerton -- they're already heroes for last night's work
  Profile mess: sspitzer
  URL dispatching: mscott (who is the man for his URI leak and other fixes above the call of duty)
  Webshell: rpotts

The names above are just my starting points.  For example, joki bugs need to be spread around to help offload Tom.  If you get this mail and you're not named above, it doesn't mean a thing -- we're going to need more people to fix other problems -- but I need to send this mail out now.  Fasten your seat belts!

More today at 4.