Gnatsd, a high-performance NATS server by Apcera is now Open-Source.

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Gnatsd, a high-performance NATS server by Apcera is now Open-Source. derek 10/18/13 1:56 PM

I am pleased to announce that we have open-sourced our high-performance NATS server, gnatsd. The server is licensed under the MIT license, and hosted on GitHub.

The NATS messaging system has gained global appeal as a tool for building distributed platforms and cloud-based systems. While not a traditional enterprise messaging system, it is very well suited to being the appropriate backplane for a new style of platform architectures. NATS is used at many high-profile companies, such as Baidu and Pivotal, as well as Apcera.

This release should be considered a beta. It has been the base for Apcera’s Continuum™ product since inception, but should be tested thoroughly with your environment before you consider it for production systems.

Cluster support exists today, and the server is of course compatible with all existing NATS-based clients (see here for a good list of available clients). Currently, TLS/SSL functionality does not exist in the product, but is on the TODO list and will be added shortly.

Performance is always subjective, but gnatsd performs far better than the original nats-server, and with clustering already present, will be the server of choice going forward.

Apcera will offer official builds and support for gnatsd, and certain NATS clients. If you are interested in more details, please email