Taking action for our future, regenerating our democracy

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Taking action for our future, regenerating our democracy Sarah English 3/3/11 10:04 AM
This week Sustainable Campuses NOW! happens in BC.

Next week, LeadNow - a new organization tasking itself with the minor feat of regenerating our democracy - is launching a campaign to get youth voices heard in the next election. Jamie Biggar, who you may remember from last year's It's Time to Listen Campaign, put it well. He said:

nly 22% of Canadians voted for the government that is writing the next chapter of our history. When we ask young people about politics many say that while they are working to make the world a better place in many ways, they do not vote because they do not think it makes a difference."

I hope you can participate in this worthy project, because we can make a difference. Even just by getting a group together over lunch next week to answer LeadNow's priority questions will be participating in a process that deserves our attention. Because the only way your voice can be heard is if we use the avenues available to speak up together!

Today, our challenge is to regenerate our democracy.  Check it out:

(Re)Generation: Voices for Canada
March 6th through 10th

This March, Leadnow will bring generations of Canadians together to share ideas and goals for our country and our future. I'm writing you to ask you to help us draft the Declaration for Change. The Declaration is a commitment to create a better future for all Canadians. Leadnow will challenge our politicians to work together for progress on the Declaration's goals. And, we will call on people to commit to take action and vote for the politicians who will rise to the challenge. By backing the Declaration with our vote we can transform Canadian politics. 

(Re)Generation: Voices for Canada, is a cross-country event for people like you to answer a few key questions in small-group conversations to shape the Declaration for Change. We invite you to join us by signing up to host a get-together in your community. 

We'll make it easy to participate and we'll provide you with host packages. You can sign-up to host a get-together in moments on our online form. If you just want to attend a get-together, then you can attend the facebook event to show your support and register to participate so we can help you find a get-together near you.

When? - March 6th through 10th 

Where? - All across the country in local get-togethers organized by people like you.

How? - We will provide host packages to make it easy to host a get-together in your community. The small-group discussions will be centered around key questions that we will provide about your hopes and goals for Canada's future. This will make it easy for us to share and consolidate your answers so that we can shape them into the Declaration for Change, and nominate priorities for online voting.

What can you do? - You can sign up with us to host a get-together in your office, your home, or any place that you feel comfortable. Want to sign-up a get-together, find out more, or show your support and get a few updates about local get-togethers near you? 

- You can sign-up a get-together on our on-line form in a few moments.
- You can contact us at regene...@leadnow.ca to learn more. 
- You can show your support and get periodic updates about local get-togethers near you by attending the facebook event and registering online

Please share this message with anyone that you think would be interested in hosting a get-together or learning about (Re)Generation. Thank you so much! 

With respect, excitement and hope - 
Jamie and the Leadnow team 

Web - www.leadnow.ca 
Twitter - @leadnowca
Facebook - facebook.com/leadnowcanada

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