XLr8 Tools Update 3.5.11 [ad]

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XLr8 Tools Update 3.5.11 [ad] Doug Averch 9/27/12 3:34 PM
In addition to fixing a couple of XLr8Resizing issues we have revamped the logging.  This was quite an extensive task.
We updated over 300 java programs to change their logging to a new standardized class.  This will allow us or you to see
your logs while running in Eclipse.  We should have that documented next week for those who really need to know what
is going on.

v3.5.11 - September 27, 2012
   1) Fixed Guide in Unidata error reporting modulo 7168.
   2) Fixed XLr8Resizer error in Unidata calculation of the block size instead of standard
   Bugzilla [Bug 497] - Framework logging needs reworking on all plug-ins

U2logic Team