mozdevice 0.3.8 released

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mozdevice 0.3.8 released Armen Zambrano Gasparnian 7/24/14 7:03 AM
Below you can find the changes since 0.37.
I want to highlight that we have switched to structured logging in bug

Bug 1037651 - Release mozdevice 0.38. r=ahal
Bug 1041533 - Update mozdevice to not reset global log level. r=armenzg
Bug 1026710 - Add unittest of DeviceManagerADB. DONTBUILD. r=wlach
Bug 1026710 - Change DeviceManager to mozdevice when logging. r=wlach
Bug 1026710 - Fix errors in output handling in devicemanagerADB.
Bug 1037642 - Fix assumption that we will be able to send all data in
devicemanagerSUT in one shot. r=mcote
Bug 1026710 - Make DeviceManagerADB use mozprocess to allow logging.

Up until now, mozdevice has been using subprocess. The switch gives us
the ability to log adb commands and its output. This will be mainly used
for the Firefox OS cert suite.

Bug 1037707 - Allow setting dmcli's verbose mode via environment
variable. r=mcote
Bug 1036530 - Instantiate / initialize device root only when needed in
mozdevice. r=bc
Bug 1035254 - [mozdevice] - Add ADBAndroid.get_battery_percentage(),
r=wlach, DONTBUILD.
Bug 1035006 - Fix pyflakes warnings in mozbase.;r=wlach
Bug 1034406 - [mozdevice] Do not allow ADBCommand to be instantiated,
r=wlach, DONTBUILD.
Bug 1027802 - Try to get ANR report and stack trace when Fennec hangs;
Bug 1012711 - Add to devicemanager package, -correcting
bugnumber-  r=wlach. DONTBUILD a=sheriffduty
Backed out changeset 1fd65e3c2f4a (bug 1012712)
Bug 1012712 - Add to devicemanager package, r=wlach. DONTBUILD
Bug 1023670 - Fix DeviceManager.mkDirs with a Windows path. r=wlach
Bug 997244 - Move out of marionette and into mozrunner,