[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.2 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.2 Release Wan-Teh Chang 11/13/13 3:57 PM
The NSPR 4.10.2 release is now available.  The hg tag is
NSPR_4_10_2_RTM.  The source tar file can be downloaded from

NSPR 4.10.2 has the following bug fixes:
* Bug 770534: Possible pointer overflow in PL_ArenaAllocate().
  Fixed by Pascal Cuoq and Kamil Dudka.
* Bug 888546: ptio.c:PR_ImportUDPSocket doesn't work. Fixed by
  Miloslav Trmač.
* Bug 915522: VS2013 support for NSPR. Fixed by Makoto Kato.
* Bug 927687: (CVE-2013-5607) Avoid unsigned integer wrapping in

Wan-Teh Chang