[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.6 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.6 Release Wan-Teh Chang 6/30/14 6:28 PM
The NSPR 4.10.6 release is now available.  The hg tag is
NSPR_4_10_6_RTM.  The source tar file can be downloaded from

NSPR 4.10.6 has the following bug fixes:
- Bug 891551: Add implementation of socket option PR_SockOpt_Reuseport.
  Contributed by Peter Tatrai.
- Bug 1003946: Clang Static Analysis: useless declaration in NSPR.
  Contributed by Sylvestre Ledru.
- Bug 1009270: PR_GetPhysicalMemorySize should release the
  mach_host_self() Mach port when done with it. Contributed by Mark
- Bug 1011861: "Network address type not supported" error on the Hurd.
  Contributed by Richard Braun.
- Bug 1018783: (CVE-2014-1545) OOB write with sprintf and console

Wan-Teh Chang