e10s meeting notes 2013-10-08

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e10s meeting notes 2013-10-08 Chris Peterson 10/9/13 12:18 AM
Here are my notes from Tuesday's e10s standup meeting. I added these
notes to the etherpad. If I missed something important, just let me know. :)



* Rough schedule:
     * Q4 2013
         * October: Sandbox code lands in central
         * November: jonath to select a product owner?
         * December: mhammond has some e10s tests running on TBPL?
     * Q1 2014
         * Linux sandbox is usable
         * Windows sandbox WIP
     * Q2 2014
         * Windows sandbox is usable
         * OSX sandbox WIP?
         * e10s is usable without add-ons
     * H2 2014
         * e10s is usable with add-ons
         * e10s is pref'd on in Nightly

* cpeterson to contact:
     * dcamp about Dev Tools
     * dtownsend about Jetpack
     * smaug and dougt about printing
     * mwoodrow and nsilva about OMTC
     * tsaunders about accessibility
     * mkato and Masayuki about IME?
* billm is working on session restore
* sstamm says bbondy will land sandbox code within the next week?
* dvander says he spoke with a video downloader add-on developer at the
Mozilla Summit who is interested in supporting e10s

* Current project risks:
     * Add-ons
     * OMTC
     * Plugins
     * WebAudio/WebRTC
     * Accessibility
     * IME