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B2G progress Chris Jones 8/22/11 6:25 PM
(CC'ing dev-platform just so that people know there's a dedicated dev-b2g mailing list now.  This is the last primarily-b2g message that will be sent to dev-platform.)

Please follow up to dev-b2g only.

Here are the items of note we've made progress on in the last few weeks

 - Gonk (our stripped-down version of android) builds and runs fine on the Nexus S 4G

 - Gonk builds and runs sort-of mostly OK on the Galaxy S II.  Build instructions have been checked into the github repo, but there are quirks.

 - The B2G/Gonk prototype boots into a "home screen" rendered by our Gecko android port.  This home screen can be Fennec.

 - We've hacked up a new minimal Gecko UI (tentatively code-named "htmlrunner") that trampolines into a HTML "home screen".  For XUL geeks, this UI is almost literally <window><iframe src="homescreen.html"></window>.

 - On top of htmlrunner, we've begun prototyping HTML5 device UI, with initial success.

https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G is the best place to get started with B2G.  More specific, low-level work items are being tracked at https://github.com/andreasgal/b2g.

Please follow up to dev-b2g only.