Project NeMo Kickoff Meeting

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Project NeMo Kickoff Meeting Dwaraka Nath 2/26/12 9:54 AM

Hi All !
I'm really excited to tell you that we'll be having the kickoff meeting for Project NeMo (a.k.a Mozilla Press) on 29th February 2012 @ 16:00 Hrs UTC. This is an out-and-out Press project lead by Comms-Reps with direct involvement of Mozilla PR. On the meeting, we'll be talking about the project, brainstorm for topics cum ideas and talk about the promotions and incentives as well. :)
For those who are wondering what Project NeMo is all about, Agenda - must help. Check for the initial set of articles here : ; The first list of project partners is up : ; Please do put in your name, if you are willing to be a part of it.
Where ?
IRC Mozilla : irc.mozilla.orgChannel : #spinzoneTime : 16:00 Hrs UTC; Local Times here :
Take time to go through the Agenda for the meeting here :
Please hit me a reply mail if you can attend or not :)
Tweet about the meeting :!/dtsdwarak/status/173826770078937089 ; Help spread the word !