Add-on SDK 1.12b1 now available for testing!

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Add-on SDK 1.12b1 now available for testing! KWierso 11/1/12 4:08 PM
We've just spun Add-on SDK 1.12b1, the first test build of the next stable release of the SDK, available as a tarball and a ZIP archive.

The build was built from the 1.12b1 tag and includes over 250 changes since 1.11. This is the first test build of the SDK that includes the new module layout, so getting more people using it on the stabilization branch will help us make sure everything is working correctly.

Try out this build, and let us know how it works for you! It's important to test this so we can work out any issues in the next few weeks before we officially release SDK 1.12.

You can report any problems you discover via a bug report or by posting to this discussion group.
Re: Add-on SDK 1.12b1 now available for testing! Jeff Griffiths 11/1/12 5:03 PM
I just posted a blog about this issue as well, which includes a short FAQ:

I've pasted in the FAQ below as well.

regards, Jeff


Q: Why are we making this change?
A: The layout change was necessary in order to prepare the SDK APIs to be added to Mozilla central and eventually shipped with Firefox. You can get more information on the overall project to land the APIs in Firefox on this page, and a more detailed description of the layout change on this page.

Q: What sort of errors should I look for?
A: If there is a problem, it will be because the SDK’s loader cannot find a module, causing a fatal error any time you try to run, test or package your add-on. You’ll see an error like this:

ModuleNotFoundError: unable to satisfy: require(path/to/module) from
Looked for it in:

If you run into issues like this, we’d like to know about it, either by posting to the Google Group or logging an SDK bug. You can also fix your code immediately by looking at the current layout of the SDK’s apis and correcting the require statement.

Q: I use Builder – how can I test this?
A: You can only test this by downloading the Beta release linked above and using it locally from the command-line. We do not update Builder with Beta revisions of the SDK, and given the scope of the changes we’ve made to the SDK we are currently evaluating what changes Builder requires in order to work with this new version. If you need help installing and using the SDK on the command-line, please see the installation docs.
Re: Add-on SDK 1.12b1 now available for testing! Soufian Jaouani 11/6/12 11:03 AM
So I copied over my schedtimer addon to a temp location to test this beta. Then I checked the documentation to see what changes I needed to make and there were none. So I ran the sdk, CD'd to the addon folder, run my addon.
I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 by the way. Firefox 16.0.2 ran fine, my addon ran fine with some tests. BUT in the console I saw this error.
WARNING: IA__gdk_error_trap_pop: assertion `gdk_error_traps != NULL' failed: 'glib warning', file /build/buildd/firefox-16.0.2+build1/toolkit/xre/nsSigHandlers.cpp, line 126

(firefox:2529): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_error_trap_pop: assertion `gdk_error_traps != NULL' failed
Re: [jetpack] Re: Add-on SDK 1.12b1 now available for testing! Jeff Griffiths 11/6/12 11:07 AM
I don't think that error has anything to do with the SDK, it looks instead to have been produced by the GTK bindings Firefox uses on Linux.

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