Morphia 0.105 released

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Morphia 0.105 released Justin Lee 9/18/13 1:00 PM
Morphia 0.105 was pushed to maven central today.  This change is solely the package rename which means that only will you need to update your code but also your build files if you use something like maven or gradle.  Which you should be.  This change is largely just globally replacing "" with "org.mongodb.morphia"  A global search and replace should catch everything that needs to change but I'd still recommend making this change in isolation.

This release is *only* the package rename.  There are no functionality or bug changes included.  Next week, I'll be out in San Francisco for JavaOne giving a couple of talks (stop by and say hi if you're around) so this release will have time to bake some before any other changes go in to git.  This will hopefully give everyone time to catch any glitches and resolve them before things start evolving on top this change.

If you use maven, your new dependency entry should look like this:


A special thanks to ismetozalp for helping to iron out issues in the GWT module.

As always, please let us know if you have any problems with this release by opening an issue at

-- JVM drivers team