Looking for an "old" Debian package

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Looking for an "old" Debian package Sylvain Z. 4/10/12 10:04 AM

I need the .deb file for mod-pagespeed-beta amd64, but I need version not the last version.
Do you know where I can download it ? (the package is not in the apt
cache folder :-( )

I made a mistake by upgrading pagespeed on one server which is used in
a farm server (4 web servers). Since this time we get problems with
CSS when this server is online.
I think that files generated by this server are not formed like files
generated by other servers, the load balancer is configured in round
robin mode, so I think that when someone load CSS from this server and
html page from an other server CSS file fits not well with styles
included in the HTML page...

Sylvain Z.
Re: Looking for an "old" Debian package jmarantz 4/10/12 10:18 AM
Re: Looking for an "old" Debian package Sylvain Z. 4/10/12 10:27 AM
Hi Josh,

Thank you very much, you save my evening (restaurant with my wife :-
Now the 4 servers are online and websites are ok.

Thanks again. :-)

PS : I couldn't find this link http://modpagespeed.com/release_archive/
on pagespeed project pages, am I blind ? :-P
Re: Looking for an "old" Debian package jmarantz 4/10/12 10:37 AM
Enjoy your evening!

I think you are right; we never properly doc'd that archive but just offered it on this discussion group earlier in response to previous requests.

On another topic, can you share the reason you are not able to upgrade to the latest release across your four machines?  We want to remove all barriers preventing site owners from upgrading.

You are certainly right about one thing, mixing the different releases across servers in your farm can cause problems due to a change in the way CSS filenames were encoded.  Specifically, we need to keep separate namespaces for CSS files that were created on behalf of IE6 (no image inlining) Firefox (Image inlining, but no WebP) and Chrome (Image Inlining + Webp).

Re: Looking for an "old" Debian package Sylvain Z. 4/11/12 12:31 AM
OK for the link. I did have search a lot in the discussion group so I
didn't see the link before. :-P

The main reason I have not upgraded is that I need to test te module a
little bit before putting it in prod (if websites crash my client will
not be happy :-D) and I didn't have time to do it before.
But I think I will upgrade during this week or next week, I'll had a
varnish proxy before the Web farm too (it will replace haproxy for web
requests load balancing).

Now I know that if I upgrade I need to upgrade all servers in the same
time :-)