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POLISH NAZI IN TOP POST Michael Givel 5/4/06 3:18 PM
Rafal Pankowski reports for Nigdy Wiecej and Antifa-Net in Warsaw

4/5/2006- Mateusz Piskorski is a shadowy figure who has been known to
Searchlight readers for several years, having made his name as a translator
and publisher of hardcore nazi material such as the brochure, National
Socialism, penned by British nazi satanist loony David Myatt. Since the
autumn of 2005, 28-year-old right-wing extremist activist Piskorski has been
an MP for a populist party politically close to the Polish government.
Searchlight's Polish sister magazine, Nigdy wiecej/Never Again, has
monitored Piskorski's activities since the mid-1990s and Gazeta Wyborcza,
Poland's main daily paper recently published a lengthy article on him,
written by a member of the Nigdy Wiecej/Never Again team. The article yet
again exposed Piskorski's militant nazi background and documented how, not
so long ago, he was the busy publisher of several nazi skinzines. The
material in these rags was deeply racist offensive. For example, a 1999
article about the conviction of a skinhead for beating up an African
American working as a basketball player in Poland and titled "Judeo-justice"
said "Many of you [...] must have heard of the punishment of one of the most
accomplished members of our movement, Pawel from Stargard. When it occurred,
the attack on the nigger Eggelston was widely reported even in the national
media [...] The court that handed down this verdict was clearly not guided
by the interests of Poland, nor that of the white race. Pawel is in jail,
and the provocateur Eggelston still besmirches Polish earth rather than
hopping around someplace in Mozambique from one palm tree to another in
search of coconuts, is constantly wandering the streets of Stargard."

In his main publication, Odala, Piskorski sang the praises of the so-called
Aryan Race and of Adolf Hitler. He also supported the struggle against
ideologies "foreign to our race, like Christianity, Liberalism, and Marxism",
describing Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany as the most successful nations of
all time, and publishing interviews with notorious Holocaust deniers.

Over the years, Piskorski and his friends, Marcin Martynowski and Igor
Gorewicz, have moved increasingly in the direction of fascist neo-paganism
and racist pan-Slavism. Another article in Odala proclaimed: "Considering
the decay and multi-raciality of the West, only a united Slavdom - the
northern empire of the rising sun - is the hope for the White Race and
anyone in the West who does not support the Slavs betrays the White Race and
himself". In 2001, Piskorski's pagan association, Niklot, lost a court case
it brought against Marcin Kornak, the editor of Nigdy Wiecej/Never Again
magazine, for calling the group "chauvinistic and antisemitic". The lawsuit
flopped, the judge noting that such a description was, in fact, quite
accurate. Piskorski and his playmates first tried to enter the political
mainstream in 2000 by allying themselves with the local PSL Peasant Party
(PSL) but this attempt failed after it came under media scrutiny. Two years
later Piskorski's mob enlisted in the populist Samoobrona (Self-Defence)
party but, in 2004, he was forced to withdraw from running for a European
Parliament seat after his fascist background was again mentioned by the
press. Nevertheless, he resurfaced last year as a successful candidate for
the Polish national parliament and as one of Samoobrona leader, Andrzej
Lepper's, chief advisers.

Since his election to parliament, Piskorski has managed to participate in a
Brussels conference of Reseau Voltaire, a conspiracy-obsessed group that
believes the 9/11 attacks were the work of Mossad and CIA. He has also
visited and supported Transnistria, a mafia-ruled breakaway republic on the
territory of Moldova, which is a magnet for the Russian fascists and
extremists with whom Piskorski is linked via Alexander Dugin's Euroasian
Movement. His Transnistrian trip, also exposed by Nigdy Wiecej/Never Again,
led the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to slap tougher restrictions on
the use of diplomatic passports by MPs. Embarrassed, Lepper, who is now
chasing increased political respectability - with his eyes set firmly on the
deputy prime minister's job - even threatened Piskorski's expulsion from the
party and forced him to admit his "mistake". Despite this, Piskorski remains
a leading light in Samoobrona's foreign policy group. Furthermore, his links
with the extreme right-wing are far from a mere thing of the past as
illustrated by a recent formal question he put in parliament to the minister
of internal affairs, calling for repression of "so-called anti-fascist

A commentator of the European Tribune, writing in the wake of the Gazeta
Wyborcza exposi, noted aptly: "The fact that this disgusting nutcase can be
an MP and senior figure in a party which is in a de facto parliamentary
coalition with the government is just depressing".
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