I just wanted to say thank you

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I just wanted to say thank you marsla...@gmail.com 10/7/12 7:47 AM
I have been using your distro for about 9 months now and I just love it.

When i started i was just a linux n00b that only had some experience with ubuntu. And when i started using your distro i became better and better. To the point that I have now got your scripts working on ubuntu server 12.04 almost without problems (i will post a question about the rest later). And while I'm using ubuntu for normal desktop uses i know how to fix the most problems myself. As I'm much more familiar with the terminal now.

I think your work has truly reached it goal, at least for me. It got me interested in the hosting business and learned me a good part of linux/unix and all that while i was having fun setting the whole thing up. Without your distro i would probably never have hosted anything. Because i don't have the money for a dedicated host. Now i have a website, and 2 minecraft servers running on a 2.4Ghz single core with 2048mb ram! And it works like a charm.

So yeah, thank you Will for the effort you have put in to this project.