some trouble with pigmap

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some trouble with pigmap 9/19/12 8:43 PM
new install of OS
updated scripts
Installed pigmap as root
ran commands mc (pretty sure this is correct as I got a partial map result)
got the blocks-6.png error and the chest largechest and enderchest error
Copied over the chest images from my minecraft client jar file to the pigmap directory using mc credentials.
ran ./ pigmap WORLD   "(WORLD) being my server name as well as having the world folder in it to clarify"

those errors go away accept I get (as I did before also) the
baseZoom too small error
and after a couple mins I get generated only the nether map and not my main map

I am running whatever version of minecraft the OS downloaded on
08/14/2012 minecraft_server.jar
not sure how to check if it is 1.3.1 or 1.3.2

I tried issuing the commands search provided edited for my correct paths
cd /usr/games/minecraft/pigmap
 ./pigmap -B 6 -T 1 -Z 10 -i /home/mc/servers/WORLD/world -o /var/www/hiawatha/pigmap/WORLD/world -h 3
whatever all this means. does not work for me.

Please help, thank you.
Re: some trouble with pigmap Will 9/20/12 7:52 AM
You're not the first to run into this issue: take a look here for the fix!searchin/mineos/basezoom/mineos/VDzBKBcrP5o/P-_iUxEG9wQJ 
Re: some trouble with pigmap 9/23/12 10:46 PM
You get pigmap errors if:
a: you map is so big (or some one has explored a line off into the middle of nowhere) that it would be bigger than the smallest zoom level.
b: and/or some parts of your map contains an error
c: and/or you don't have the current pigmap version
d: and/or your permissions are messed up
e: and/or your lacking a current texture graphics pack pigmap recognises
f: your server isn't up to the task.

In your case it appears to be "a" and possibly b.

For anyone else with issues -solutions as follows:
a:  change the base zoom setting, Will previously has commented on a change to the script, or as you found specifying the commands manually.
b: you need to try to locate the problem chunks and fix or delete them - previously a tool called "chunkster" could do it. But it has not been updated to anvil. :o(   other options is trying other tools that scan and simply delete problem chunks.  A few do this, but all seem to require you to manually compile it off github first boo.
c: update your pigmap - the steps on the mineos wiki should work.
d: Will has a tool for fixing permissions, or you can simply rename the folder on your webserver where the previous map was created.
e: find the ones in the jar file or download a set off the web, the pigmap forums should offer a multitude of ones.
f: may need to stop all minecraft worlds, reboot, and/or install more ram before attempting to render a map again

I personally have issues a and b - (b being the killer at the moment i have about 6 problem chunks but the tool i used that gave warnings was not able to give me file names)

I did find some other mapping tools that had various levels of success but they all struggle with my world size and those 6 problem chunks, giving either incomplete, or unreadable (file too big to even view) maps.