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Online players not showing 10/5/12 6:06 AM

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1 servers were located in /home/mc/servers:

server              port        status      online  
TissueCraft 25565 up 0/32 stop

When i looked at the online players it registered as 0, and this was while having 3 people online.
It is not a huge issue, but when monitoring it is nice to see the amount of players online, also so i can see how much more my system can handle.

I use bukkit, and if there is any information needed to help fix this please ask.
Thank you

Re: Online players not showing Will 10/7/12 1:58 PM
Minecraft and bukkit have never had a standardized way to find out the players logged onto a server.  At one point it used to be a line starting "Connected Players:" then bukkit followed but ended lines with a different character.  Then vanilla changed it so that line doesn't exist anymore and the line is no longer marked in any way except that is it preceeded by a line that says x/y online players.  Back when these scripts were made, however, it was 'connected players'....and thus thats why the current scripts arent able to keep up with ever-changing non-standards.

Since I'm on the verge of a 0.5.0 release that addresses almost every gripe and issue from 0.4.x, I'm not likely going to make adjustments to fix this particular error (at the risk of raising other issues), so in the meantime, it might just be a visual blemish until the new release is widely released.
Re: Online players not showing 10/10/12 8:18 PM
Also if you change the player list view format to sort by permission/rank that will break the online player number thing too.