"Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error?

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"Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? bbat...@gmail.com 8/10/12 7:44 AM
Whenever I try to start a server via Tekkit, It either says "unclean" in its status or if it does start it says in my server list "Can't Reach Server"

Anyone have an idea?

What I've Done:
Moved "Tekkit.jar" into the MineOS folder with all the other jars 
Selected Tekkit.jar for the Server
Started server, stopped, moved all mod files into it
Started again.

I've seen how to make MineOS open to IPs other than 25565 and have done that
I've gotten a vanilla Server to work

Should I just try a new OS? Like Debian or will MineOS Plus work? I'm lost here D:

Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? Will 8/10/12 8:27 AM
Should I just try a new OS? Like Debian or will MineOS Plus work? I'm lost here D:

Tekkit works in a way different than how vanilla or bukkit work (at least in terms of file placement) and thus doesn't work with the mineos scripts the way you'd expect.  I've gotten it to work before, after much work, but I don't know if it was an entirely maintainable approach.

For tekkit, any OS will work (or rather, any distro).  You can get it to work on MineOS CRUX the same way you'd get it to work on debian or mineos+....without a GUI.  Debian, ubuntu, any other cli-based server distro are equally capable of running it, just like MineOS is...but not with the added ease that makes MineOS crux useful.
Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? bbat...@gmail.com 8/10/12 8:36 AM

Could you possibly Tell me how? I really am lost as to what to do... I don't know where to place the files for the mod pack itself, in the server file or elsewhere?
Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? Petra 8/13/12 6:58 AM
I've been having the EXACT same problem. It would be wise of you to make some set of instructions to do this. I've spent hours on google trying to figure this out with no luck, I was starting to think about donating for this wonderfull OS, but now I'm not so sure.
Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? Zellot 8/16/12 5:16 PM
"I was starting to think about donating for this wonderfull OS, but now I'm not so sure."

Really!?!? Why, because a custom version of the minecraft jar file, aka Tekkit, won't properly run with all the bells adn whistles? I may be wrong but I don't recall seeing it posted anywhere that Tekkit was supported by MineOS Crux and any information or assistance provided by Will is more than gracious on his part. Don't hold it over Will that you might not donate because MOSCx doesn't support Tekkit and Will wont spoon feed you instructions for getting it to do so.
Donate if MOSCx made setting up your server easier. If it made provisioning admins and guests easier. If it made maintaining your servers and instances easier.
Otherwise if that is not the case and all you care about is Tekkit not working then please by all means go and recompile your own kernel with all the features and functions Will has provided. Let me know when you have done that and have at least half as many satisfied users as Will and I will be the first to throw you a measly $5 donation for all your hard work. Better yet I'll just post on your support forum that I would donate but I have second thoughts because it only supports Tekkit.

Sorry to the rest for this. I just couldn't read that without being ticked off.

Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? ad...@reviews.wox.org 8/21/12 5:59 PM
Basically the same way you run anything wierd, thats not purely vanilla or bukkit -  like any other nix - log into the physical console, (you know that thing with a keyboard and screen at the end of those wire thingys you plugged into your server box..?)
..... then; you know all those commands you put in your tekkit batch file when you ran it on windows?

Go to the folder with your tekket install, (cd blah/blah) and where you put the jar file in. (yup windows stylez file layout)

Then type all those fancy commands from your batch file. (java blah.jar blah nogui blah)

This wont tie up your physical console, this isnt dos..  press alt-F1 alt-F2 alt-F3 then alt-F1 again low and behold the wonders of a true multiuser multi-console system.... you could have 6 dedicated consoles if you wanted - and as many ssh ones as you can comprehend...

Reason I say use physical console is "anything wierd" doesnt seem to react too well if your ssh session closes, or you try to BG & it. (theres nohup too isnt there? not used it in a decade)  physical console usually wont throw you off if the cat steps on the network cable.

Main downside here (as some later postings tried to highlight) is your web api will essentially be useless in this configuration.   You can however still monitor and pass commands to it remotely.

There is a nice dirty dirty way to do it....   firstly you can monitor the console remotely using "tail server.log -f"

Secondly if you are opped, you can pass console commands in game anyway.

Finally if you really want to be dirty about it, you could chmod the console device in /dev for the physical console, and that would possibly let you dump commands on it... but i doubt this is a very good way to do it. Once again, not something i've tried in over a decade, it might not work this way anymore.

You can also use the top command to see how much ram cpu its eating remotely.

Tekkit is evil, so why must it be so damn fun..
Re: "Can't Reach Server" Tekkit Server error? tehmeh...@gmail.com 10/1/12 1:37 AM

I can't connect to one tekkit server that is hosted in the UK, But I am in Australia. Although I could connect to it before
Any Help?