Port forwarding vs. Static routes

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Port forwarding vs. Static routes Jordan Faas-Bush 9/26/12 9:27 PM
Hi everyone,
I had a server set up before using mineOS, however I eventually took it down because I wanted to try using a different form of Linux to learn some of the basic properties. However, I have seen the errorof my ways (I didn't end up doing anything on it) so I decided that the box would be better utilized as a server, and that perhaps my sister's school friends could play on it.

But on to the main point:
I somehow managed to get it all set up previously, by playing with our Internet router, however, I deleted the port forwarding/static ip/static route data when I changed the OS.
I have a netgear router, I managed to create a static ip for the computer, but I am confused about port forwarding vs. Static routes, which should I use, and how should I set it up?

Sorry for the wall of text, I tend to get overzealous...