A little permission problem @ ubuntu server 12.04

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A little permission problem @ ubuntu server 12.04 marsla...@gmail.com 10/7/12 7:51 AM

So, i have got the mineos scripts working on ubuntu server 12.04. Everything works, except for one thing. When i want to start the server from the web-ui it sais "starts" but when i check the status page it shows as offline. When i browse the folder where the map should generate there is nothing there, so clearly the server doesn't start.

I guess this is a permission problem. I have checked the logs etc but I can't find the problem. Creating a server and such works, except for the starting of the server.

I would really appreciate your help.
Re: A little permission problem @ ubuntu server 12.04 Will 10/7/12 7:56 AM
If you haven't updated in the past day, do that--I made some modifications to try to catch some errant cases where if things like the java path weren't correct itd still give a 'green' notification rather than a red--

Which leads to the second area--do you have a /usr/java/java-latest symlink to your existing java?  If not, correct it in your server.config (&mineos.config) or make the symlink to point to your java of choice.