MineOSCrux and millenaire

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MineOSCrux and millenaire Bob 7/27/12 8:29 AM
What would the procedure be for adding millenaire server to mine os ? 
I am just having problems figuring out where to put the files.
Re: MineOSCrux and millenaire Will 7/27/12 10:38 PM
No idea what millenaire is....what's it asking you to do?
Re: MineOSCrux and millenaire Bob 7/28/12 7:23 AM

I believe it wants me to put the files in a "mod" folder..

- Install Forge from http://minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/board,3.0.html
- Move the millenaire zip and the millenaire and millenaire-custom
folders inside /mods (create the folder if needed)
Re: MineOSCrux and millenaire Dave 8/1/12 8:18 PM
Joe, I started a thread: Installing Mods on a MineOS Minecraft Server. I just tried my instructions and installed Milleniare on my test server as well. It seems to work - there are no errors. However, I have not been able to find a villiage yet!   ;-)

Re: MineOSCrux and millenaire Bob 8/1/12 8:23 PM
Ok cool!

Thank you!