Wifi with out a password

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Wifi with out a password atvdude01 9/15/12 12:24 PM

ive been useing mine os crux for a while now with ethernet but i want to set it up with a wifi card i have.  and i also want a static ip....  i dont use a password with my wifi....  can someone help me with this?
if u need specifics for helping....  it uses a ralink 5370 chip. and i want it to use the ip of
Re: Wifi with out a password Simdex 9/16/12 5:24 AM
To get a static IP you need to change some settings on your router, usually in something called DHCP Reservations. In there, you'll find a connected device named MineOS (I think), where you assign the address to the IP you want it to have. Keep in mind that if you do this while it's connected with cable, if will only give it that IP when using the wired connection and likewise with wireless.

For Wireless connection on the server, check out this wiki page: http://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php/Wireless_Networking
Re: Wifi with out a password atvdude01 9/18/12 1:37 PM
my router does not have this feature....  the instructions on the wiki are for password protected wifi and only for wifi that uses dhcp....  i need a wifi setup that uses static ip configured within crux like static on Ethernet....  thanks for the info though....