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Sean stuff Royce 5/13/12 1:23 PM

Beneath ross o file drawer youmll find your stuff.

Re: [MakerSpace] Sean stuff haveblue 5/13/12 2:48 PM
Whoa, Royce, how many hits of acid did you do before typing that?

Re: [MakerSpace] Sean stuff Kevin Crowley 5/13/12 2:53 PM
Nitric, sulfuric or aqua regia?
Re: [MakerSpace] Sean stuff Royce 5/13/12 3:40 PM

Lol. Sorry. I was starting a painting class and only had a few seconds to type.

Re: [MakerSpace] Sean stuff Sean Malloy 5/13/12 5:13 PM

Got it.

Sean Malloy