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open source circuits and systems euge 4/24/12 6:30 AM
Hi all,
we are starting a open source circuits and systems operation for ICs and SoC. We want to allow anyone to manufacture their own IC without re-inventing the wheel.
As you might know, integrated circuits and SoC are lagging way behind the open source movement. In particular analog and mixed signal ICs. We want to bridge that gap. We will release for free fully open source all our academic design whose development has been already paid for by government grants. We hope other researchers and tinkerers around the world will be able to use them in their designs.
We want to create in analog and mixed IC and SoC the equivalent of the open source digital/FPGA movement:

This is our starting point:

We have a lot to do. I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions to make this fly.
We might want to request some minimal funding for organizing this effort to a larger scale.

Please send your thoughts!

Eugenio Culurciello
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
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