[Mifos-users] Upcoming User Meetup - April 26, 2012

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[Mifos-users] Upcoming User Meetup - April 26, 2012 Ed Cable 4/25/12 3:26 AM
Thanks again to all those who joined our last user meetup on April 12. It's that time again to come together for another user meetup. 

Help us keep the momentum and build a strong group that regularly attends. We'll be having another upcoming community-wide user meet-up on Thursday Apr 26 3:30pm GMT. Here's an invite you can add to your calendar.

The big item on the agenda for this meeting will be a demonstration of the accounting module being worked on by Hugo Technologies, FinA, and Conflux.  They are eager to show this off to you and answer your questions so please try to attend. 
The agenda in full:
  • User Presentation from an MFI in India. 
  • Demonstration of Accounting Proof of Concept from Hugo Technologies and FinA
  • Introduction of Mifos X Individual Lending functionality
  • Discussion of Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Outreach on the Ground Blog Series
Read the blog post for a closer look at what's been going on: http://mifos.org/community/news/user-meetup-join-us-thursday-april-26

These meetings occur every 2 weeks and are a forum for you to connect with other users and implementers of Mifos to get help with issues you're facing and share feedback about the product. 

How to Join:

Skype: freeconferencing.0900 (call this user) or call US telephone number: +1-712-432-0900
Access code: 577857 #

If the conference line is down, i'll connect people directly via Skype  (so please RSVP to the invite)


Re: [Mifos-users] Upcoming User Meetup - April 26, 2012 Ed Cable 4/26/12 3:52 AM
Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that our user meetup will be starting in just a couple hours. Please try to join to catch the accounting demonstration led by Hugo Technologies and FinA.

Re: [Mifos-users] Upcoming User Meetup - April 26, 2012 Ed Cable 4/27/12 4:35 PM
We had a great crowd of a dozen people including many first-time meetup participants from our Africa community.  They all were able to partake in the demonstration that Shiva from Hugo Technologies gave of the Mifos-ACC simple integrated accounting module.

Many thanks to Hugo Technologies, FinA, Conflux, and Binny for guiding this work.

Notes from the meeting have been added to the wiki and if you'd like to see how Mifos-ACC works, check out the video demonstration.

Mark your calendars, our next user meetup is 2 weeks away.


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Re: [Mifos-users] Upcoming User Meetup - April 26, 2012 vinodh pitchaimuthu 4/28/12 1:31 AM
Hi All,

The Mifos Integration of Accounting solution is really cool!

My Kudos to Shiva, Hugo Technologies, FinA, Conflux and Binny for their excellent work.

The following is some of my thoughts to make this Accounting module a more attractive piece for the Accountants:
1) In the Opening Balance screen, we can make the following text changes:
    - from "Office Hierarchy" to "Office Hierarchy(Legal Entity)" or "Office Hierarchy(Reporting Entity)"
   - from "Office" to "Office(Cost Center)"
2) In accounting(Opening Balance entry, GL Tranaction entry or Journal Voucher) all of them are Journal(GL) Entries and everything is a double sided entry. When i mean by double sided entry is each Journal Entry should have a debit and credit. If not, at end of the month it would be a very hard for the accountant when they run Trial Balance(Sum of all Debits and Credits in all chart of accounts in a month should be Zero). So, it would be really nice, if all of them could be combined into ONE screen.

Opening Balance Entry: (Initial Investment)
    Dr  Bank Account                      10,000
    Cr  Owners Capital account        10,000
(Incase of Migration, we use Migration Chart of Accounts instead of Owners Capital Account)

Cash Receipts Entry:
                                                     Amount                Notes
     Dr  Cash in Hand Account           1000                   Citibank Loan Withdrawl
     Cr  Bank Loan #1                        1000

Bank Receipts Entry:
                                                    Amount          Check No       Check Date
    Dr  Bank Account                        1000             CK0001          04/26/2012
    Cr  Bank Loan #2                         1000

Transfer of Fee from Office 1 to Office 2 (Voucher Entry)
                                         Amount               Office/CostCenter
    Cr    Fees Account            100                   Office #1
    Dr    Fees Account            100                   Office #2

Suggested Solution:
Transaction/Accounting Date: <date>
Journal Entry Number:<Unique Number>
Journal Entry Reason: <text>
Column1      Column2       Column 3      Column 4                    Column5       Column6
<Dr/Cr>       <Account>    <Amount>     <Office/Cost Center>   <Notes>   <Check Info>

Example of a GL Entry video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFlTngMLVPs

This is just my suggestion. It would be nice, if you could just create a new option called as "Quick Journal Entry" and add my suggested solution.

3) It would be nice, if you could add a new option called as "Trial Balance"(executed by Month or Year) which checks if the sum of all Debits and Credits in all Chart of Accounts are Zero or not.

Let me know, if you need any more details.

Again, thank you for your excellent work in the process of integrating Accounting into Mifos.