, are they MOOCs?

Showing 1-3 of 3 messages, are they MOOCs? ljp 4/14/11 1:38 PM
I've participated in a couple of MOOCs and I've noticed some
similarities to MOOCs.  GardenWeb is massive, online, and open.
Tomatoville is smaller.  The question would come with the course
part.  The forums offer everything from commiseration with weather and
bugs to how to information.  Some of the questions and answers get
quite sophisticated in bring research articles to conversation.
Tomatoville has hybridization forums that are Phd level.  Basically,
the users: read what they want, participate when they want, are free
to bring outside resources to the discussion, and set their own
objectives for participating.  Other than having a name for the course
and being relatively focused they are the future of MOOCs.
Re:, are they MOOCs? Jaap Soft 4/15/11 10:56 PM
The message misses the point of what a MOOC is. In a mooc it is not
publishing resourses, it is not a PhD level that makes a course a
MOOC. In a MOOC participants actively are involved in connecting to
other participants to foster the learning.
A MOOC is not a website with a forum.
Re:, are they MOOCs? ljp 4/17/11 8:26 AM
Forum/bulletin board participants have been connecting and sharing
information since before I connected to them with my 300 baud modem.
Your efforts would be better spent looking for similarities and
lessons that can be applied to making MOOCs successful.  Think of a
thread as a course (however brief) and see where that takes you.
Think of multiple threads and forums as delineating a learning
organization and consider the implications.  I see the Gardenweb and
Tomatoville forums and a cluster of MOOCs around a theme.  Isn't that
where MOOCs are going?