Maker Corps - can we do this on Maui?

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Maker Corps - can we do this on Maui? jerryIsdale 9/28/12 12:42 PM

Maker Corps is a new program from the Maker Educational Initiative that "will recruit and prepare makers (18-22yo) to serve as mentors and peers in a variety of settings within their communities. As young makers themselves, Maker Corps members bring their own enthusiasm and knowledge about how to learn by doing. They will be trained to engage children in creative projects that develop problem-solving skills in ways that make science and technology fun."

I would VERY much like to see Maui have its own team, and/or perhaps host a couple from mainland.  I believe we can have the equipment and support in place to help train them this spring and run some camps, etc during the summer.

This will be a great opportunity to build our local maker community, both in the younger kids, and those entering the work/entrepreneurial force.
Heck, I could see some enterprising youth turning this into full time gig teaching maker activities to bored kids at the various high end hotel/resorts. (Maui Makecations)

Given my personal commitments to other projects (i.e. I may not be able to fully dedicate myself to running our end of this, but I am certainly willing to share.

Do you think we can find enough support for this?

Jerry Isdale

Re: Maker Corps - can we do this on Maui? jerryIsdale 10/1/12 1:10 PM
The people running the Maker Corps program were at the World Maker Faire in NYC this past weekend.
They will be filling us in with more details in the next month or so.  
I did get a reply from AnnMarie Thomas and we are setting up a phone chat for next week.

Speculation - maker activities are by nature 'learning by doing' and while much of the activities will be directed/coordinated online, they will need to actually make things In Real World (IRW).  So local maker groups (fablabs, makerspaces, etc) will probably be expected to sponsor the Corps training and give access to equipment for hands-on experience... and then later for the summer activities when the Corps personnel will train others.

The MAKE folks (make magazine sponsoring the program) are developing curriculum on several fronts. This is one, another is their DARPA sponsored MENTOR Makerspace Initiative, which will put a makerspace in 1000 high schools across the USA over next 3years. The first year they have 16 schools in the central california area (, which means they are a relatively short drive from MAKE HQ.

I expect the Maker Corps will be equipped with basic outlines & experience in activities based on this work.
My hope would be to train up at least a couple local 18-22yo as leaders, and a number of 15-18yo as 2nd tier instructors (who would become 1st tier as they get older.)   These could run (with adult supervision) a Maker training camp for younger kids during summer and mid-year breaks. 

On Oct 1, 2012, at 8:45 AM, Mark Ausbeck wrote:

Hello Jerry,
I think it is a great idea. And I have no doubt that there is knowledge, creativity, and energy enough to do this on Maui. I have some questions about what support is given by the program for those that will "recruit and prepare" makers. Here is what it says about the program:
In the Spring of 2013, 100 young adults (ages 18-22) will be offered Maker Corps positions. These Maker Corps members will participate together online in a training that will include guest lectures, hands-on projects, discussion of coaching/mentoring techniques, advice on developing projects, and interaction with educators and makers. After completing their training, Maker Corps members will be placed in paid summer positions with youth-serving organizations in their community. Working with their hosts, the Maker Corps members will help develop and implement youth-focused maker activities, while staying connected to their fellow Maker Corps members and mentors throughout the country.
Does this mean that the training and curriculum is already developed and will be mostly done online? Is there need for local training as well? And if so is there curriculum for that? Will the local Maker groups be responsible for the "local" training, guest lectures, hands-on projects, etc?
Or is it the summer positions within local communities where the local Maker groups will become most involved?
As much as unstructured “learning by doing” is very valuable, some programmatic structure with defined projects and goals will be needed. If an outline and/or materials for this is already available or can be adapted from other sources then that would overcome a major hurdle.
As for space for some activities, our MRTC space is Kihei would be available and I’m sure some of the companies there would enjoy being involved as well.
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