School of Source -- teaching the maui Source folks

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School of Source -- teaching the maui Source folks jerryIsdale 8/31/12 6:23 PM

Some of you are well acquainted with the Source Festival ( held the last 5 February. I have been involved with the last two festivals, decking out their logo sculpture in LEDs this past year.

This year they are working on something called 'School of Source' - which is an open teaching/learning activity. Some school sessions are being planned for this fall/winter before the event, as well as activities during the event.  

Next week thursday 7 Sept, James Yunker (cc'd here) is going to come down to our public night and talk with us about School of Source.  I'm going be chatting with James tonight at the Kit Kat Club Cabaret event over at the Maui Tropical Plantation, and will be able to tell ya more about the plans, etc. later.