Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal!

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Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal! Jerry Isdale 9/24/12 12:00 PM
another small cnc bot - this one uses the same slider/rails that I have in 4' lengths.

Jerry Isdale

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From: Inventables <id...@inventables.com>
Date: September 24, 2012 8:50:16 AM HST
Subject: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal!

Shapeoko CNC Mill

Shapeoko Batch #5 Tipped

We reached our goal of 50 Shapeoko CNC Mill pre-orders which is enough to start a new production run!

If you have any questions along the way feel free to email us at he...@inventables.com. Thanks for your support! The Inventables Team.

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Re: [MauiMakers] Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal! Brian Thomas 9/24/12 1:15 PM
All these use dremel tools.  If the dremels could talk they would be saying something like "I wasn't cutout for this"  Soo.. a cutout tool aka roto zip would be dramatically better and offer a real and powered up CNC experience.

When we build ours, it will have a roto zip type drive.  Here is one at HF 28k rpm for $29.  A buck per 1k rpm :)

Re: [MauiMakers] Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal! Brian Thomas 9/24/12 1:16 PM
Re: [MauiMakers] Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal! Jerry Isdale 9/24/12 1:28 PM
Yes... I got one of those.... marketed as a Spiral Saw.  the tool is not a conventional drill bit, but more of a spiral cutting blade.  Works great although is sometimes tricky to steer.  Mounting on CNC would be pretty cool... or that MIT power tool-gps thing.

There are also the higher powered  tools with flexible shaft drives (similar to the dremel one).  This would allow you to mount the mass of the motor on the side, making it easier and more accurate to position the cutting head.

Jerry Isdale

Re: [MauiMakers] Fwd: Shapeoko batch #5 reached the goal! Chester Lowrey 9/24/12 1:29 PM
Ya I agree. The dremel's can have horrible bearing runout too! Check the one you end up using for properly seated ball berings, some of them are set in molded plastic but with lots of slop around bearing from lack of accurate molds. 

If you want a really nice one splurge on one of these:

which has a metal casing! much less flex and easier to clamp to with its nice circular housing. 

Might be too heavy for your machien though.. I have the Makita on a small router I built and works great.