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Fwd: LED strips in T-Shirt « adafruit industries blog Jerry Isdale 4/1/12 9:47 PM

This past saturday I taught a class in sewing electronics at the Hawaii STEM Conference, with help from Dina, Lynn, Kimberly, and Evelyn (and son Brian).  The presentation (to be posted shortly) was on '21st Century Innovation Spaces, with hands on intro to sewing electronics'.
As part of the e-textiles portion, I wanted to demonstrate something more elaborate than the simple LED+battery we were building in class.  Having some LED strip around, I decided to make an LED Array t-shirt.  I found the AdaVision code to convert pixel arrays to linear zigzag matrix and modified it for my setup.

I posted some pics and info to the Adafruit forum and they apparently picked it up for the main blog!

Jerry Isdale