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Testing Marpa Jeffrey Kegler 9/30/12 9:05 AM
For those who want to help with Marpa development, there's one way that would be of immense help and requires no knowledge of Marpa itself.  Anyone who can install cpantesters can test Marpa on their machine and send me feedback.

I follow the usual cpantesters reports closely, but these work in bulk and are not Marpa-focused.  This has several limitations.  First, I have to wait for the cpantesters to get around to my latest release.  This is actually the biggest slow-down in my release cycle.  For any change, I must create a release candidate, wait three days for results, then create the indexed release and (because you never know) wait three more days before announcing it.  So a quick one line fix requires a week to make it into an announced release.

Second, as I've just mentioned in another message on this list, cpantesters sites typically ignore "recommended" modules, and skip those portions of the tests.  I am "solving" this for Marpa::R2::HTML by requiring HTML::Parser, etc., but there's also the matter of the tests that require PPI.

For those who'd like to help, but need a business justification, testing Marpa::R2 on a configuration will make it highly likely that I will pay very careful attention to how Marpa behaves on that particular configuration.

Someone doing this will probably require a modest amount of Perl savvy.  I have never run a cpantesters site myself, and therefore could not help much beyond pointing you to the cpantesters website, mailing list, etc.  But perhaps others on this mailing list have some experience in these matters.

Thanks, jeffrey