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Stack overflow answer Jeffrey Kegler 9/17/12 7:35 PM
I noticed a question on stackoverflow and tried out a solution using Marpa::R2::HTML (which is now an official part of Marpa::R2).   I'm a stackoverflow newbie (my account is minutes old as of this writing), but I've put my solution on stackoverflow as an answer.  Readers of this mailing list may find it interesting.
Re: Stack overflow answer Peter Stuifzand 9/18/12 3:44 PM
I added a few small formatting improvements to the source code, so it
can be read a little better. And an upvote of course.

Peter Stuifzand | | @pstuifzand
Re: Stack overflow answer Jeffrey Kegler 9/18/12 6:05 PM
Yes, thanks.  Since it was my first, I worried that I was messing up on
some of the niceties (and perhaps more important stuff as well).  I was
also uneasy about going into the kind of voting situation you have on, but since I had worked out (what I thought to be) a
useful answer, it seemed mean-spirited to keep it to myself.

-- jeffrey