Lift capacity and set-up help

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Lift capacity and set-up help Iain Sharp 7/13/12 5:49 AM

Assuming this is a similar size to the MMFs in Derby and Brighton then it seems to me that there is going to be a very high demand for lift capacity to get to the exhibition space.

What confidence can you give us that there is sufficient capacity for the lifts?

Is there any help available for moving and carrying stuff during the set-up and take-down?



Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:26] Lift capacity and set-up help Jordan Cropper 7/13/12 10:25 AM
Hi Iain,

A more recent thread has appeared with more detailed information on it, but in summary

- There are 3 lifts, one of which is quite large. Since set-up can occur Friday for most of the day and Saturday morning, it's unlikely that there'll be any problems with congestion in the lifts.

- There will be a good few people around to help with unloading and setup (myself included), so you won't be short of a few helping hands.

The Maker pack has the exact times for opening and closing so you can plan your setting up accordingly.
Hope this helps!



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Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:26] Lift capacity and set-up help Cat Rushmore 7/14/12 9:12 AM
To give an idea of the size of the lifts, the large goods lift can take 1600kg (or 20 people) and the two small lifts can each take 800kg (or 10 people).

If you have dimensions you want to check, please let me know and I'll get the tape measure out. Should have taken the tape measure with me when checking the max weights, but never mind.