Great press coverage of Maker Faire so far

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Great press coverage of Maker Faire so far John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/25/12 8:39 AM
Hi everyone

We're experiencing a high level of media interest in Maker Faire!  Check this out:

In the MEN, we've seen:

and in Culture24: 


Lauren Sagar did an interview yesterday on the Heather Stott show at 10.30am ish about the Chandelier of Lost Earrings -  she mentioned Maker Faire at MOSI lots of times.

MEN plan to do a preview photo on Thursday at 3pm of makers setting up and we'll issue a press release to go with that.  So if anyone feels like getting ready early, please do as we could use the photo opps!

On the weekend there will be:

Ian Clappison from the magazine "Museum ID" doing some filming

BBC Radio Manchester do a live quiz and a presenter will come in to Maker Faire (following a clue), talk to the Ker Plunk guys and get their next clue

Mark Ward, BBC Online technology is coming on the Saturday and we hope he’ll do something earlier too

I’m hoping to get the Faire onto BBC R Manchester news, NWT or Granada, BBC Online, Guardian Northerner, and more!

If  anyone has any more media contacts large or small, keep working them for the event - and let us know how it goes!  




Re: Great press coverage of Maker Faire so far Cat Rushmore 7/26/12 2:12 AM
Not just media interest:

Philip Luscombe is in the early days of research for his PhD,  "the broad topic of which is low-volume manufacturing" so for his visit to the Mini Maker Faire it's slightly more than personal curiosity. Philip is planning on recording some short audio interviews, so it would be really great if you could help him out, though of course if you'd rather not be interviewed that's entirely alright. He'll explain the project to each individual involved, will be using consent forms and is happy to keep people updated on his work. This seems like an interesting topic to follow! 7/26/12 7:42 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Great press coverage of Maker Faire so far Philip Luscombe 7/26/12 7:44 AM

Thanks for that Cat, 

I'd just visited the group to do a bit of pre-visit research but hadn't considered posting about my interview plans, until I saw your post…

Everything above is true, I'm doing a PhD at Northumbria's School of Design (in Newcastle), looking into low-volume manufacturing. I'm interested in the tools, skills and collaborations people use to make prototype or one-off objects. So far, I've spoken to design degree graduates and model engineers ( ) about their work and am really looking forward to meeting all the makers in Manchester.

I'll be walking around with my dictaphone all day on the Saturday and hope to be able to talk to as many of you as possible about how the objects on show are made. Like Cat says, they'll be consent forms to sign before I start recording anything and you'd be kept informed of the project's development (there might also be chocolate bars offered, by way of thanks). I'll be setting up a research blog after summer, to document the progress of my first design project, which is best described as a more practicable version (rip-off) of Thomas Thwaites' Toaster Project ( ) and can put anyone who wants to be included on my mailing list.

As I'll make clear to those I speak to, any participation on Saturday will be entirely voluntary and you can opt out at any time, even after the event.

Best of luck with set-up and I look forward to meeting some of you in a couple of days.

Kind regards,

Phil Luscombe