Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet

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Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet Andrew Dutton 7/23/12 3:23 AM
Hello all,

This is a post directed mainly at the Hackspaces [and Game Jam]. 
We've manage to get a few of the ethernet ports made active in our "Hack Zone"/"giant hackspace"/"hackers reunited", what ever we decide to call it (ideas!?) where all the hackspaces will be, this is to serve two purposes; take the load off WiFi, and allow non WiFi gadgets to talk internet.
However like everything else in the 1830's warehouse the ports are up high! Plus there's only 3 or 4 of them.

So were asking if any of you guys can bring the following;  [hopefully you may have some old kit lying round]

1.  Ethernet switches, nothing fancy, preferably unmanaged, as long as there not running DHCP or other odd services they should be fine. 
2.  Ethernet cables, various lengths, probably need a few to be quite long as they'll be wrapping round beams and over partitions e.t.c

I have some spare kit I'll bring along but the more the merrier! Quantity is purely dependant on your plans, at least one switch per hackspace is probably a good idea.

Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:48] Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet Bob Clough 7/23/12 3:48 AM
We have a couple of 24 port switches and a roll of cat5, but no crimp ends.


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Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:48] Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet George Ainscough 7/23/12 4:23 AM
I've got some smaller switches, and quite a few medium length patch cables
Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:48] Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet Andrew Dutton 7/23/12 3:13 PM
Thanks all, I've got a crimp and some ends I'll bring along.

Re: Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet Hayden Kibble 7/24/12 2:43 AM
I'm not with a hackerspace, but I need an ethernet port and WiFi (iPad)
Will I be ok?
Re: Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/25/12 2:33 AM
Hi Hayden, if you wrote in the Call for Makers that you needed a hard wired port we'll have put you by one, otherwise you'll just have wifi as there are only 2 port clusters open as our IT team prefer not to open up the hard wired network if they can avoid if for data security reasons....  John, MOSI curator (j.bec...@mosi.org.uk)