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Vintage & Gadgets Samantha Mills 6/25/12 3:57 AM
Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade  would like to ask What is "Vintage"?  A word or statement that describes the meaning of "Vintage"

Also what is your favorite vintage gadget and why?

Hope to hear back soon.  
With thanks
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Danielle Lowy 6/27/12 3:43 AM
Hi Sam
What an interesting topic for discussion. I do a few craft fairs with my Rubbish Revamped recycled crafts and often see the word vintage seemingly misused on new items.
Look forward to meeting you on the day.
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Samantha Mills 7/4/12 5:00 AM
Yes Danielle, my thoughts exactly as I come from a readymade background with craft & design.  Looking to define the meaning of vintage is hard when trying to write about it.  As I always thought it was a period of time, some have narrowed that time down, and some have brought it into retro?  when does it end and begin?  Is vintage a classic? Or a fine wine? No clear definition.  Look forward to your interaction on the subject!
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Restor8 Design Solutions 7/12/12 11:55 AM
Hi just thought I would add a little something here... Vintage is a big part of my life as it takes a place in my full working career. Being a professional photograph restorer I see the whole spectrum I spend my time taking vintage photographs from a damaged or faded state and bring the magic back so the photo will last for several more generations to come. As lets be honest a photograph is a moment in time frozen. Without photographs and film we would not have a clue how are fore fathers lived. So I think i am a vital part in keeping vintage alive.

my best vintage invention has to be the camera obscura which led to the invention of the camera.
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Samantha Mills 7/13/12 2:22 AM
Great feedback Sy, you do indeed keep vintage alive.  Can I just add that you will be on the Saddleworth Vintage gadget stand, happy to discuss commission work on restoration?
With Thanks
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Restor8 Design Solutions 7/15/12 5:47 AM
Indeed I will be... aswell as restoration come talk to me about storing your photographs safely to ensure you get the best out of them.
Re: Vintage & Gadgets Samantha Mills 7/29/12 12:48 AM

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