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Further Information James Medd 7/2/12 6:22 AM
Hello all, thought it was about time I made a post on here and, quite conveniently, I'm after some info.

In the invitation emails we received towards the end of last month, it said we'd be contacted soon asking for more information and that we'd receive a 'Maker's Pack'. Anyone heard anything yet?


Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:14] Further Information Jordan Cropper 7/2/12 6:42 AM
Hi James,

We're just in the process of finalising some of the details, hopefully we should have it ready soon. Don't worry, we've not forgotten about it.



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Re: [manchester-mini-maker-faire-:14] Further Information James Medd 7/3/12 1:09 AM
Thanks for that, Jordan. I wasn't worried that you'd forgotten, more that it might have inadvertently gone to my spam and I'd not picked up on it!