Vehicles on site

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Vehicles on site Cat Rushmore 7/25/12 6:45 AM
Car parking spaces are being reserved outside the Warehouse on Friday for Makers who are setting up. When you arrive, say that you are a Maker setting up.

When driving any kind of vehicle on site, we have a 5mph speed limit. Please observe it. 

Please look out for other people wandering around, they probably won't stay on the smooth paths (even people hobbling on crutches will cross the cobbles).   

If you would like help reversing into/ out of a space or clearing people out of the way, don't be shy, ask someone to keep a look out. This is especially important when the site is busy with visitors and other Makers. 

Re: Vehicles on site John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/25/12 8:39 AM
In fact to add to Cat's sensible hints - please reverse park if you can!