Ingenuity - the aftermath

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Ingenuity - the aftermath Sam Harmon 9/16/12 7:58 PM
What a weekend!        

Thanks to everyone who helped out at Ingenuity Fest this weekend.  I think we did a really good job of teaching soldering to anyone interested and getting the word out about our existence.

The good:
-We made a bit of money for the group.
-We now have a kit inventory on-hand for further workshops. (also, there was an overrun on the PCBs- we actually ended up with about 115 boards total. Since the Drawdio PCB has pads for an SMT version, I'm thinking that might be a good candidate for a future SMT soldering class. Anyone interested?)
-There were more than a few people interested in coming out to the space.

The bad:
-Due to placement issues and the general noise of the festival, we couldn't really give proper presentations due to the noise around us - believe me, I tried on Friday. It was a dismal failure. I made up for this as best I could with some one on one sessions with people who came by interested in Arduino, so hopefully that helped.
-One of our soldering stations walked away sometime Friday night/Saturday morning. They somehow didn't take the iron holder part that clips into the base, so I'm not entirely sure how well that's going to work for them.

Meeting Tuesday - We'll likely be cleaning up the space and figuring out what's going on with our within-the-building move, and working on projects. 7pm-ish start. See you there!