August 21 Meeting - 7pm

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August 21 Meeting - 7pm Sam Harmon 8/20/12 8:39 PM
We will be meeting Tuesday at LaunchHouse at 7pm.

Main topics of the business meeting portion are:
1) Green Water Works event on 8/25 (i.e. THIS SATURDAY)
2) Ingenuity Fest planning - thoughts for our Ingenuity presence are:
2a) Green Water Works
2b) Arduino/Microcontroller workshops.

After the business meeting stuff, we will continue working with water-based effects. If you have any spare PVC, random fittings, or other plumbing related whatnot, bring them along!

If you are interested in participating in any of these things, please consider attending…


Re: [makersalliance] August 21 Meeting - 7pm Joe Gorse 8/20/12 9:19 PM
Water Works Event page
Ingenuity Fest Event page

These will change significantly in the coming days. We are looking for volunteer coordinators for both events.


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