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Hey everyone,

We are moving to our new location within the back this Saturday. We will need all the help we can get.

Here's the plan as I see it right now:

Tonight - We cleared a significant amount of space in our new area. Tesla Orchestra is currently moving from the back-back to a temporary space where we'll eventually put the robot arm and loading area once all of this is done. We've moved a few things back there, but we're also trying to stay out of their way...

Sometime between now and Saturday: Nathan is going to procure some shelves and workbenches from a place in Macedonia. I'm sure he'll be posting more information to the list about this, because I'm sure he'll want some help.

Saturday: We pitch anything that needs to be pitched, box up anything that needs to be boxed up and move all of our current area to the new area. Do we start noonish, or even earlier?

Sometime after Saturday: Tunnel Vision Hoops slide their office into our old space, and the landscaper slides his stuff over as well.

Sometime after that: Tesla Orchestra moves to their area at the end of our space.

Sometime after that: We move the robot arm to our new area close to the sweet, sweet 3-phase power.

Re: [makersalliance] MOVING - THIS SATURDAY - IMPORTANT Sam Harmon 10/10/12 7:19 AM
Update: The Saturday festivities will start at 10:00AM.

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Re: [makersalliance] MOVING - THIS SATURDAY - IMPORTANT Joe ODonnell 10/10/12 5:38 PM
Hi Sam,
 I have a previous engagement that will delay me until around lunch on Saturday. I suggest we offer a free months membership to anyone who shows up, to get as many attendees as we can. We could adverstive that to other meetup groups also, as a kind of try out month.

Take it easy,

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Re: [makersalliance] MOVING - THIS SATURDAY - IMPORTANT Joe Gorse 10/11/12 8:50 PM
Pretty pictures!