Happenings tomorrow! (8/28)

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Happenings tomorrow! (8/28) Sam Harmon 8/27/12 10:22 AM
We've got a few things going on tomorrow, so I figured I should post now:

-Brewing: We'll be attempting our first all-grain brew starting around 6:00pm.

-Cleaning: Our area is the very definition of 'mess' right now, and it's gotta get cleaned and organized ASAP, because...

-Prepping: We're going to be moving soon (no, not far, just a few feet- we're swapping bays with Tunnel Vision Hoops next to us). This will a) allow them to have their build area adjacent to their office area, and b) give us a little more room for equipment and better access to electricity and the like. We should have our equipment cleaned up and put in its proper place so that when the move happens, it's a smooth operation.

-Discussing: We should probably spend some more time figuring out what we're doing for our Arduino presentations at Ingenuity.

Things will get started at 6pm or earlier. See you then!

Re: [makersalliance] Happenings tomorrow! (8/28) Dave Walton 8/28/12 5:49 AM
Here is the ingredient list and recipe for the beer we are making this evening:

Re: [makersalliance] Happenings tomorrow! (8/28) Joe ODonnell 8/28/12 10:49 AM
If any members would like to do some fun and informative work in place of paying this months $30 dues, please show up either tonight around 6 to help with brewing and clean up, or at the space moving date to be announced. I think the equivalent of $12 an hour is fair, meaning you get one months dues for every 2.5 hours worked. If you give a class on a maker topic the rate could be $30 an hour.

 I think we could use more classes to attract and involve new people, so tonight at 730 I'll offer a short demo class on making Android apps from the command line in Linux.


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