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Help a new member out daniel 9/19/12 7:34 AM
Hey Everyone,

This isn't strictly makers-related, but one of the companies in the Launchhouse accelerator programme (Quick2Launch) was running a business pitch competition during IngenuityFest, the prize of which is a new website and brand consultation.

Anyway, as many of you know, I just moved to Cleveland two months ago, and am trying to bootstrap a company into existence and getting things for cheap or free is currently my modus operandi and so I entered the competition. Currently I am sitting in second place, and so my request to you is if you are of the facebook-inclinded sort, check out the Quick2Launch page and "like" video number #11.

Anyway, I am sorry to use the mailing list as such, but since I am still really new to town and it is Launchhouse related, I hope you all can give me a pass.