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Cyber Fast Track Dave Walton 10/8/12 3:12 PM
I mentioned this at the last meeting, but thought I should send something to the list as well. 

Several of the presenters at DerbyCon spoke highly of the Cyber Fast Track Program. It's a DARPA project that funds computer security research by individuals, small companies and hackerspaces. One guy told me he emailed a proposal on a Monday and had a check in his hand the next Friday. One presenter said she used several projects to start her own security company. If you don't mind contributing your brain power to the government's military industrial complex, it's worth considering. Most CFT projects presented at the conference became open-source at the end of the contract.

Here is a video of the DerbyCon presentation by the CFT DARPA guy:

The program is scheduled to be terminated next year. 

-Dave Walton