Tonight's goings-on

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Tonight's goings-on Sam Harmon 9/25/12 12:28 PM
We're meeting around 7 tonight. No business meeting this week, so we'll just skip to the fun stuff:

-Continuing work on the MaxNC mill

-Think about 3D Printing- I got my QU-BD dual extruders yesterday…

-Whatever projects you bring along! (Need a project? I'm sure we can find you one…)

See you there!

Re: [makersalliance] Tonight's goings-on Joe ODonnell 9/25/12 12:41 PM
Here are some available projects:

-Use a partition program to reduce the swap partition on the CNC server and install FreeDOS in that space, for use with the CNC DOS programs.

-Bring in your android device if it has a gyroscope for use with writing a program to detect it's rotation.

-Write an android program to act as a USB master for a USB device slave like a keyboard.

-Use a program on the systemrescue cd to crack the windows xp box password, than use that to set up the webcam on our google hang out.

-Use the xp box to install the Stellaris robot kit system.

-After installing Debian on an extra server, install either or both a Jabber google talk client or twinkle softphone to connect with our 2 phone numbers.

-Use an MSP or arduino kit to switch a relay for a light or siren on command for use with the above.

-Figure out how to attach skate board wheels to a stepper motor.

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Re: [makersalliance] Tonight's goings-on Joe ODonnell 9/25/12 12:59 PM
I forgot 2 important projects, any part of one or both of:

-acquire and install about 150' of cat5 to wire the space.

-acquire and install a wifi access point or repeater at the space, maybe using a pringles can antenna connection to the distant access point.

-And a relatively easy project that's always available is to learn about receiving ham radio signals using the radio and massive antenna.

Re: [makersalliance] Tonight's goings-on Dave Walton 9/25/12 1:10 PM
No group brewing scheduled this evening, but the Dortmunder is ready to drink.
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