Green Water Works - August 18th and 25th

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Green Water Works - August 18th and 25th Sam Harmon 8/17/12 12:18 PM
We're going to be having a "big" event on August 25th (close to the scale of the Open House, but with less hazardous activity...)

This event will be the revival of the Green Water Works project that we had discussed earlier this year. The plan is that what we do for this will be a test run for Ingenuity Fest.

To get ready for the event on the 25th, we will be having a practice/test session tomorrow at the space. Show up around noon-1pm. We'll probably go until around 7pm.

As Joe put it on the calendar: Bring water projects. Reservoirs. Pumps. Tubing. Hoses. Connectors. Lights. Build.

We'll be testing out the pumps we have on hand, and generally messing around with water.

Maybe build one of these?

If you have any random (clean! not used!) plumbing supplies on hand that you think will be useful, bring them along!

See you all there!

Re: [makersalliance] Green Water Works - August 18th and 25th bobmct 8/17/12 3:27 PM
For added fun acquired two 55 steel drums,  grill and smoker?
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